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Emergency Procedure

Always attempt to contact Aimee on 08 6454 2583, if the phone is not answered leave a detailed voice message and wait 30 minutes for a response. If you have not received a response please read ALL of the following information:

Urgent repairs are defined by the Residential Tenancies Act and fall into two categories: repairs that are necessary for the supply or restoration of an essential service and other urgent repairs.

Essential services are listed as electricity, gas, a functioning refrigerator (if one is provided with the premises), waste water management treatment and water generally, including the supply of hot water.

Arrangements for repairs that are necessary to supply or restore an essential service must be made with a suitable repairer within 24 hours.

Urgent repairs are those that are not necessary for the supply or restoration of an essential service, but may nevertheless cause damage to the premises, injure a person or cause undue hardship or inconvenience to the tenant e.g. a broken window.

Arrangements for these repairs must be made within 48 hours.

In every tenancy, if the need for urgent repair is required other than as a result of a breach of the agreement by the tenant the following must be adhered to:

  • The tenant is to notify the owner or the property manager of the need for urgent repairs as soon as practicable.
  • The owner is to ensure that the repairs are carried out by a suitable repairer as soon as practicable after that notification.
  • If within 24 hours (in the case of repairs for the supply or restoration of essential services or 48 hours in the case of other urgent repairs), the owner or property manager cannot be contacted, or the owner fails to ensure that the repairs are carried out by a suitable repairer, the tenant may then arrange for the repairs to be carried out to the minimum extent necessary to effect those repairs.
  • If a tenant arranges for repairs to be carried out, the owner must, as soon as practicable reimburse the tenant for any reasonable expense incurred by the tenant in arranging for those repairs to be done.

  • Contact the police and report the damage, ensure you obtained a police report number to provide to our office for insurance purposes. Without a report number the cost of replacing the glass may be at your expense.
  • If the glass breakage is the result of an act attributed to yourself or a visitor, you may contact the glazier to repair the broken glass however the payment of the invoice must be made by yourself.
  • Our preferred glazier is Dependable Glass
    08 9455 3069 –
  • Turn the water off at the mains to minimise water wastage and damage.
  • Our preferred plumber is Mr Blockage & Gas

0415 478 648 –

  • Our preferred electrician is Icon Electrical & Air

0413 551 491 –


If you have lost power check the following:

1- Make sure your latest power bill has been paid.

2 – Check for planned or unplanned outages on the Western Power website.

3 – Check your meter box for any tripped switches and reset them. Track the source of the overload if possible and refrain from using the same two appliances at the same time if this was the cause.

  • Call SES (state of emergency services) on 1300 130 039
  • If there is an injury to a person due to the damage, contact the police or ambulance on 000
  • If there is any electrical damage turn off the power immediately and contact our electrician above
  • If there is any structural damage to the house, flooding or electrical problems, do not stay in the house


  • Euro Systems may be able to extract excess water 0417 926 940

Power Lines

  • Damaged or fallen power lines, call Western Power immediately 131 351

If you have locked your keys in the property during business hours you may use the spare set at the office. After hours, you may try to contact Aimee however, if she is not available you may need to contact a locksmith and pay this account directly.

Our preferred locksmith is Greater Perth Lock & Security 0439 896 196

The following situations are NOT classed as an emergency and MUST wait until the next working day to be reported to the office:

  • Blocked toilet (when there is a second toilet at the property working)
  • Stove/oven not working
  • General repairs and maintenance
  • Blocked pipes, shower and kitchen sink (always try plunging prior to reporting also)
  • Hot water system not working
  • Trouble with reticulation
  • Leaking taps
  • Air conditioners that have stopped working
  • Pest control

Please note: if an afterhours call out is made and the tradesperson does not deem the repairs an emergency, or the repairs are required due to your neglect, you may be responsible for the fee.

If the maintenance issue can wait please contact me at the office via email

General maintenance request

All non-urgent repairs must be reported to our office in writing within 3 working days

Please ensure as much detail as possible is provided and where possible also provide a photo.